The Lanes in Brighton

Brighton, a seaside town about 2 hours (by bus) outside of London is a hustling and bustling hot spot for amazing food, traditional pubs, grand theatre, night life and of course shopping.

The old world structures and timeless buildings line the streets of Brighton which is so typical of this part of the world but is a time travellers dream with all the latest shops, brands and well known favourites nestled into these vintage bricks.

A five minute walk from the iconic Brighton Pier (I hope you have had a look at my doughnut story: ( ) is the highly popular shopping district affectionately named: The Lanes.




The Lanes are narrow cobble streets that are lined with independent shops and boutiques. You can find anything from antique classics, vintage jewellery, traditional pubs& bars, many Italian Restaurants, classic fashion brands and a few speciality stores that range from health and holistic living to barbers that groom mens beards with the sharpest of blades in a Sweeney Todd style if you will, without the meat pies, I am sure!




During the day, the tiny lanes are filled with people squeezing past you while peering into each shop window as if to not miss a single detail while it becomes a slightly European style setting in the evening with everything from French classics, Spanish favourites, Venetian tapas and quintessential Italian restaurants dotted within seconds from one another.

There is definitely not a lack of places to dine at so we braved the cold every evening for a taste of Brighton…and we were definitely impressed!



Bakeries lure you in with the smells of the freshly baked pastries, virtuous mini cakes or the activity surrounding the crepe stoves which are a hugely popular street food type of “grab and go while warming your soul.”

If you are looking for something more typically British then pub grub is definitely an informal look into an evening out with a pint or two and typical menu favourites. From fish and chips with mushy peas to scotch eggs and black pudding sausages, it is definitely a look through a pair of local’s eyes.

A few of the restaurants I would definitely recommend are Donatello Italian Family Run Pizzeria (, The Cricketers Pub for a classic beef burger and pint of larger ( and the Giggling Squid for incredibly authentic Thai Tapas ( – reviews to follow!


You are never without a restaurant to eat at, a shopping space left unfilled or a disappointed walk along the pier…it seems that everything in Brighton is thoughtfully tailored to the tourists and the variety of people to please as well as the locals fill the streets, the perfect sign of a town affectionately loved.

If you have visited the lanes or are planning to go, let me know at

Happy Shopping!

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