The Art of Food and Wine – Christina Heritage Range

The act of coming together around a table, breaking of bread and the clinking of glasses has been a universal act of friendship, peace and the start of many a good evening. It is with this sentiment that I have paired three of my favourite labels from the Christina Heritage range with each of their suitable flavour food combinations.

We so often hear about the expression, you eat with your eyes. Introducing the concept of plating your food on Art. The watercolour sketch of the Christina’s board compliments the timelessness of each label that was paired to its food partner, Cupid couldn’t have done a better job if he tried.

Food and wine have stood the test of time and so has the increasing amount of food pairings we are exposed to yearly as trends in the kitchen change. I have put together three classic pairings that are sure to have all of our guests hungry for more and it will never go out of style.

Christina Chardonnay 2016 paired with a classic Bread and Butter course

The Christina Chardonnay is a full bodied wine with buttery notes that coat your entire mouth. It is honestly my favourite Chardonnay, and as a Chardonnay girl that is really saying a lot! This course is paired with the simple pleasures in life…bread and butter. Freshly baked ciabatta bread with a crunchy crust and salted butter lathered onto each slice…it really is a timeless classic to enjoy this course with.

Christina MCC Brut paired with baked Phyllo, Thyme and Honey Camembert 

The Christina MCC Brut has a delicate fine bubble that seems to simulate biscuit crumbs popping in your mouth. A truly remarkable bottle of bubbly under the Heritage collections label. This MCC should be popped for special occasions with loved ones while you tuck into the sweet notes of the baked camembert as it comes straight out of the oven and oozes gooey cheese.

Christina Shiraz 2015 paired with a loaded Cheese Fondue

The Christina Shiraz is the perfect bottle of wine to enjoy on a chilly evening while the fire roars and the card games continue. Pair this intently flavoured wine with a smooth homemade cheese fondue made with Parmesan, Emmental and 12 month mature cheddar to add umami, salty and rich flavours as you enjoy it with freshly baked bread, steamed seasonal vegetables and crispy griddled bratwursts.

I hope that you enjoy their food and wine pairings the next time you host games night or have a special occasion. We are an era constantly on the go and the Heritage collection reminds us that the most wholesome and enjoyable meals are around our own dissing tables.


All photographs and watercolour sketch by Gabriella Esposito and Food Styling by Megan Daniels

This was a media/press drop but all the opinions expressed in this post is my own as well as recipe and conceptualisation behind the shoot. The photographer has taken these images for the use of this blog post and not for the companies benefit. 



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