No whining at Van Loveren

Van Loveren is a name that slips off most people’s tongues when in conversation about well known wine farms in the region. When there is a festival in the Robertson area Van Loveren is always packed. This is why I could not pass up the opportunity to visit the estate and put a location to the well known labels in every grocery store. Wine is definitely something that matures with age and so does reputation, since bottling began in 1939, I would say their reputation is definitely the reason they are so popular.


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If you are travelling with family, friends or a loved one, this estate offers a variety of things to do and is child friendly without compromising your wine tasting experience. There are plenty of fun filled activities to keep even the designated driver happy and feeling as if he/she isn’t missing out. You can inquire at  reception to book your tasting platters at an affordable price of R55. From the fun party style platters to the sophisticated bread and olive tastings there is definitely something for everyone.




Shopping is the best type of therapy, and for a Food Blogger artisanal food and wine shopping is probably number one on my list. Everyone who knows me, knows that I have a dedicated cheese drawer in my fridge and am obsessed with the hundreds of combinations and flavours that local farmers have created for us to enjoy with revolutionary wine labels in the Western Cape such as Van Loveren.

There is a cheese and wine combo to suit any palate out there, why not pop in and see which one Van Loveren has perfectly paired for you.



Wine Tasting at Van Loveren offers eight fun and exciting platters to choose from. Six of them are R55 and the remaining two are smaller tastings for kids at R35 that involve grape juice and nibbles set out in the same format to allow them to feel included in the activities of the day. Below are three of the tastings. With bright colours and fun nibbles, it is an interactive way for everyone to taste the huge variety that Van Loveren has to offer.


Finer Party Platter


The Four Cousins Fan


Christina Master Platter

So you have tasted all that Van Loveren has to offer, you have bought a supply of cheeses and got a few bottles for your wine cabinet at home waiting for you at reception, why not take a walk on the beloved grounds and take a guided garden tour. The families history and love for nature is planted around each corner. With each tree and plant having a significant meaning, it is a sentimental ode to a family that  will always be deep routed in the Robertson Valley.



Trading Hours

Monday – Friday: 08h30 – 17h00

Saturday: 09h30 – 15h30

Sunday: 11h00 – 15h00

Definitely be sure to book your spot for the upcoming Wine on the River on the weekend of the 14th-16th October 2016. It is definitely a must!

If you are interested in the experiences or visiting the estate, you can by clicking the following link to find out more:

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