No ordinary table salt at the Salt Room

Brighton has many gems when it comes to the food scene and most peoples opinions differ when recommending their favourite hotspots besides the one name on everybody’s lips…THE SALT ROOM. Being a fairly new restaurant on the well known sea side strip of generational classics, the Salt Room opened in Feb 2015 and already has people talking.

Spending this next month in London and enjoying my first weekend at the seaside for a girls trip with my mom, we had to stop and try this popular IT spot.

One click on the website and within a few seconds I had made a booking online..take a look to see why...just look at the gorgeous imagery…


We arrived for the very popular Sunday lunch and we were greeted and seated by the incredibly hospitable staff. Smiling faces taking your coat before you are seated at the best seat in the house is a real treat.

The restaurant boasts gorgeous industrial textures, copper lamps, five different seating areas to create a feeling of personalised service and a menu with enough variety to satisfied just about anyone is your party joining for a scrumptious lunch or decadently romantic dinner.


After browsing the was a very hard choice…however our waitress was so incredibly informative and in tune to what we would probably prefer being from Cape Town (the heart and soul of Seafood.)

She recommended the Surf Board Platter and we couldn’t refuse after she said “Thats the one I find the hardest to hand over to the guest as its my favourite dish EVER!”


I am such a foodie at heart, I choose what I will be eating before I decided to pair my drink with it. The drinks list had a few well known favourites, some international classics as well as a section below the cocktails that suggested that the bartender would use his skill and knowledge of the dish you were thinking of ordering to pair it with your flavour palate, so of course I went along with this…what an amazing choice it was!



My cocktail perfectly suited my palate as well as it was well balanced, a hard thing to get right with anyone working in the Food Industry. All I know is it had vermouth, lime, gin…etc etc etc in it haha! It had quite a kick but definitely in the right direction haha!!


Then as if we didn’t have incredible service, attentive staff that showed interest in the fact that we had travelled all the way from South Africa as well as I was sipping on what could be my new favourite cocktail…out comes the biggest seafood platter I have ever laid my eyes on…have a look (if you dare!)



Staying true to its name; the Salt Room, I was amazed that the chef highlighted the pureness and natural saltiness of the ocean instead of adding peculiar foams, curing in different solutions, steaming over other items found in the sea that would so easily distract from the natural God given flavour. It was pure, unpretentious flavour.

If you are unclear as to what exactly sits under this mountain of seafood that arrived onto our table, then listing a few of the ingredients will surely have you calling to make a reservation in a tick.

Starting with the perfectly cooked langoustines, buttery prawns, steamed mussels, slightly cured oysters, pan fired smokey scallops, freshly opened clams…did I get it all?!

There could be nothing that topped that right…uhm…well…


One either hopes dessert comes along quickly or you sit there hoping you had space as your sweet tooth kicks in, however I was anticipating to see which of the desserts would be the chosen one as there was a huge debate as to only picking one from a gorgeous selection.

In the end we chose the perfectly poached rhubarb with a panna cotta, rhubarb gel and sorbet and topped off with a sweet crumble, an absolutely one of a kind meal!


If you find yourself in Brighton, as we do everytime we come to London for a weekend breakaway and fresh air, then you need to try the Salt Room for a taste of home away from home with inspired options, fresh flavours and a warm atmosphere.


If you have visited, please let me know about it at megandanielsfood@gmail,com


Cover photography credit: and all other photographs were taken by Megan Daniels (owner of Eat With Me)

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