Low carb High Tea at the Cellars Hohenort

I am a huge traditionalist. I love the idea of coming together around delicious food and new experiences. The classic Sunday Lunches and the family style cuts of meat that have been roasted to perfection. High Tea is not often celebrated and it should be. I’m not sure if the reason behind not partaking in this tradition is the calorie laden 3 tier stack of goodness or that we think we will be faced with dry cucumber sandwiches.

Driving up to the Cellars Hohenort, the regal old world architecture immediately show cases the world of fine dining, tradition and incredible food. Walking down to the one of the many gardens, we turned the corner to be pleasantly surprised by a #lowcarb High Tea Menu.

Cellars Hohenort, high tea, food, eat with me, snacks, healthy, canapes
The Cellars Hohenort in Constantia, Cape Town

The innovative Low Carb menu is filled with familiar and homely flavours as well as new experimental tastes that are sure to please anyone’s palate. It may be low in Carbohydrates but it definitely is not low in flavour and taste. The Cellars Hohenort is a reputable brand and well known for the luxury and detailed thought it puts into their accommodation, food, wines, grounds and now their #lowcarb High Tea menu. 

Cellars Hohenort, high tea, food, eat with me, snacks, healthy, canapes
High Tea Stand
Cellars Hohenort, high tea, food, eat with me, snacks, healthy, canapes
Sweet Treats, all #lowcarb

The sprawling lawns, canapes of Camphor trees and laughter of the guests as the take a dip in the beautiful Dutch style swimming pool; this is the perfect setting to enjoy a treat. A guilt-free treat at that. Low Carb means that you are not left feeling sluggish and full after the variety of snacks you will tuck into, so the garden tour is the perfect way to round up the evening. Niall is the Grounds Manager (or as he affectionately refers to his title as the Garden Boy) and is the magic behind the many herbs, plant variants, rose gardens, ponds, wild life, vegetable gardens and harvests that sprawl across nine aches of land. Buzzing with knowledge and a love and special appreciation for his “office” I was so inspired by the concept of planting and eating and being responsible for where our food comes from.

Cellars Hohenort, ducks, pond, garden tour, constantia, plants
Camphor Trees
Cellars Hohenort, high tea, food, eat with me, snacks, healthy, canapes, rose
                  Rose Garden at The Cellars Hohenort, there are about 2500 roses on the premises

Back at the beautifully set out High Tea, there is a refreshing choice of flavoured waters to hydrate you, ice tea for a warmer day, fruit juices to compliment the surroundings and a selection of warm teas to keep up with the tradition. This is definitely a lovely experience I would recommend it for the perfect weekend treat.

Cellars Hohenort, high tea, board, chalk, food, eat with me, drinks
Flavoured Waters

For any enquirers please contact Veronique at the following; veronique@collectionmcgrath.com

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