la pizza perfetta a Sofia’s

Pizza is probably the meal that unites people the most. Sports games, parents bribing kids by the simple statement of “we will get pizza for dinner OK,” even the popular phrase “pizza party everyyyday” is one that so many people recognize today. I think I am quite a pizza tasting expert. From the streets and authentic pizza restaurants in Venice that my family and I ate our way through to the many Friday night pizza franchisees in South Africa, if you told me that I am about to type the bold statement that co-owners, Barend and Adam in the small town of McGregor made one of the best pizzas iv ever had, Im not sure I would have believed that while sitting in one of the piazzas a few years ago.


Like the true Italian way of living goes, there is so much love and attention that goes into everything these two men and their team do. This used to be a tiny yard sale nik nak type house, the type that you’d grab a cup of coffee, a muffin and probably walk out with a toilet seat, coat hooks and an egg lifter.

These two have a passion, a vision and whats better is that the idea came to them while enjoying the courtyard one sunny afternoon and seeing the potential in what others saw as a greasy hole in the wall. One mans trash is definitely another mans treasure, its the potential you see in it that makes it amazing.



A lick of paint, staining the furniture, installing the pizza oven etc are just a few of the renovations that these two dreamers took on. Today it stands as a warm and inviting (whether its the amazing hospitality or the burning fire place) landmark on the main street of McGregor. If you haven’t heard of them, the smell of numerous pizzas in the oven or the pizza oven burning its first logs for the day that Adam makes sure is done 2 hours before the doors are open, now that passion right!


The drinks list and menu items have extended tremendously since they opened their doors. It was very hard to choose just one item, thats why you dont have to. I highly HIGHLY recommend the oven baked lasagna and then instead of telling you a pizza I think you would enjoy only for you to say “your allergic to tomato or you dont like olives” all i suggest is that you try two different pizzas, whatever it is…it will be amazing!



You can feel when you are a valued customer and not just a number through the door when the owners decide to make up a dessert pizza for the table to cure the sweet tooth that is known to surfaces after some of the best meals. Just look at the ice cream over the bar one sauce…yum!!!


After dinner I was so lucky to step into the kitchen where the magic is made. Adam was hard at work making sure each pizza had the right secret mixture and had proofed before knocking it down and demonstrating the pizza rolling machine. Each pizza is hand made, not pulled from the bottom of a freezer before heating and arriving at your door with a red heat sticker (haha.)

It was amazing to watch and hear about their dream of this place and how it culminated while Berand was the host with the most.








Sofia’s is has unfortunately closed down, as the owners have received an incredible opportunity back in Cape Town, however I am not removing this post as it sheds light on the little gems that are possible. If you believe and what to do something, follow these two and follow your dreams!

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