Italian flair at Zenzero Restaurant

The golden strip is appropriately named when the sun begins to set and the tow-coloured hue hits the iridescent buildings filled with locals and tourists alike hoping to get the perfect photograph.

Camps Bay is well-known for its sandy white beaches and freezing cold Atlantic current but something that is hotting up this restaurant mile is Zenzero. An Italian inspired restaurant offering the freshest seafood as the smell of the ocean and the seasons changing wafts through the restaurant.  

As the sun begins to set, the silhouette’s of people begin to emerge. As ball games wrap up, picnics are packed up and jackets are brought out it is dinner time across this gorgeous expanse where land meets ocean. 

Walking into the striking Zenzero restaurant, tourists were spotted enjoying the fresh Cape Town air, locals were seen raising their glasses in celebration as the restaurant began filling up. 

The interior is appropriately set for a decadent night out on the town. Shades of neutrals, blues and pink seamlessly flows through the restaurant. Large comfortable chairs, crisp white linen and flickering candles through opulent candle holders sets the scene of pure luxury before enjoying your meal.   

The dazzling bar offers a large selection of beverages. Often a hot spot for sundowners, Zenzero has specially selected distinguished international liquor brands that are familiar to the globe trotting guests that passes through the doors each day. 

From beers, to cocktails…we eventually decided on trying the house wines from the Kove Collection. 

I almost held my breath at the incredibly striking view as the sun disappeared into a sliver before the sky changed to pink, purple and yellow watercolour strokes.  

The menu offered a selection of dishes that would surely have something on it for everyone. The menu is definitely suited for a special occasion or a tourist’s dime which is great as their are unusual ingredients that offer something different on the menu. 

Freshly baked bread was sent over to the table along with olive tapenade which offered a delightful Italian thread to the start of the meal before the deliciously buttery Kove Collection Chardonnay arrived.

Italian cuisine is often thought to be just pizza or pasta and while these two are an absolute match made in heaven their are other fresher flavours and Zenzero incorporated these into their menu. We decided on the following:


Starter Course:

White Anchovies: Shallots, piquante peppers, lemon and an olive oil crostini 


Razor Clams: Chilli, Fennel, Thyme, Bread crumbs and parmesan

Main Course:

Seafood Platter for one: Local fish, prawns, calamari, langoustines and crayfish in a parsley, lemon olive oil


Rib Eye Steak: Oregano, sea salt and olive oil

Dessert Course:

Chocolate pots de creme: fresh cream, chocolate and oat crumble


Tiramisu: Kahlua jelly, dark chocolate and coffee crumble. 


If you are looking for a candle lit restaurant to dine in while you listen to the waves crashing and the sea air flowing through the restaurant reminding you of summers past then this should be next on your bucket list. 

Although I was invited to dine at Zenzero all the photographs and opinions expressed are mine. The photographs have been taken for the exclusive use of this blog post to showcase the food and atmosphere of the evening. 

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