No whining at Van Loveren

Van Loveren is a name that slips off most people’s tongues when in conversation about well known wine farms in the region. When there is a festival in the Robertson area Van Loveren is always packed. This is why I could not pass up the opportunity to visit the estate and put a location to the [...]

la pizza perfetta a Sofia’s

Pizza is probably the meal that unites people the most. Sports games, parents bribing kids by the simple statement of “we will get pizza for dinner OK,” even the popular phrase “pizza party everyyyday” is one that so many people recognize today. I think I am quite a pizza tasting expert. From the streets and [...]

Wonderfontein and Paul Rene

The Wonderfontein Estate was established in 1884 to the proud Marias legacy. Today you can experience wines that have taken five generations of cultivation into what it is today.  Elegant easy drinking wines that wine snobs and newer wine drinkers can enjoy. Driving into the estate the perfectly manicured vineyards stretch as far as the [...]

Flying high in the Kite House

I  recently found myself a mere two and a half hours out of Cape Town visiting a brand new hidden gem. Fifteen minutes off the main road that runs through Robertson, I came across the gorgeously untouched town of McGregor. McGregor is situated about 2 Hours 30 minutes from Cape Town but gives you the [...]

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Four Cousins and One amazing Tasting room

The new Four Cousins Tasting room welcomes you as you turn the bend into the popular wine area of Robertson. A scenic two hour drive out of Cape Town immediately transports you to wine country. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city life behind you and enjoy the fresh country air and delicious wines [...]