The Open Air Teetuin at Bosjes

Bosjes is the newly open marvel that is on everyones lips and for good reason. The absolutely breathtaking establishment which opened earlier this year has had the food, fashion and travel industries fluttering to get a look at whats been going on.  The open air Teetuin (Tea Garden) is just another reason why the [...]

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Vegetarian Flair at Catharina’s

Meat-Free Monday's have become some what of a regular occurrence in our home. Not just on the first day of the week, but throughout. Red meat has definitely taken a back seat this year on our culinary adventures however fish and seafood seem to be replacing what once was juicy large steaks on our plates. [...]

The Big Dog in Coffee – Terbodore

Coffee, ahhh…the blissful word that perks everyone up in the mornings. The fragrant ground bean that is responsible for productive meetings, faces that finally feel ready to take on the day and the best accompaniment to many deliciously indulgent freshly baked pastries. One of the gems of Franschhoek is the Big Dog Cafe which is [...]

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