Doughnut leave Brighton without trying this

As if a trip to London for a month wasn’t enough, mom and I packed our suitcases and headed to the seaside for a weekend of pure bliss.

Brighton needs absolutely no introduction, however if you have not heard of it I can sum it up in a couple of words…uhm…fish and chips, doughnuts, arcade and thrill rides on the end of the 1722 foot pier…is that enough to paint a picture? Haha

Brighton Pier has been through the wars (literally) but is acknowledged as the finest pier ever built! So of course I had to bring you along!



As soon as you enter the world famous landmark stretching out into the ocean, you have a couple of cardboard cut out photo booth style stands for you and your friends to have a couple of funny snaps taken. You can choose between the sun kissed couple (below), two divers or a “just married” couple boogying to Elvis. It will definitely get you in the spirit of fun at the seaside!


As you walk further onto the pier you can see the pebble beach that stretches for miles. The stoney beach has become an iconic feature of this seaside town. Many complain about it and wanting it to be the picturesque Caribbean style beach you so often see in post cards however the smooth rocks offer a unique feature that makes a sandy beach born Cape Townian like myself really excited.




The original pier was built in 1823 and was initially used as a landing stage for passing ships from France until a fee of 2d was charged and soon kiosks and confectionery stands popped up. Today the pier has many different food & drink stands as well as various restaurants and sweet treat specialists.

The vintage feel of the carnival style lighting, the flickering Brighton Pier stage style letters, the juke boxes and candy stripe dressed men serving all sorts of sweets and filed crepes is enough to transport you to another era. How can there be so much to do (on one pier?!)


Walking further along there are a huge variety of game zones, arcade booths, thrill rides and the ever so popular, tea cups etc. Another great selling point is that you can enter onto a few of the rides with a flat rate and are allowed to ride until you are literally ready for bed.

A couple of the rides that fall onto the ABSOLUTE MUST LIST is the following: Turbo Coaster or dare to open your eyes whilst being spun around on the Booster, the Tea cups for the all English experience (get it haha) or the Wild River for a roller coaster in water at the edge of the pier and of course the House of Horrors!






And of course as much as I love rides and all things arcade, I am a foodie and even after breakfast on this gorgeous Sunday I could not resist the world famous doughnuts on Brighton Pier experience.

Let me set the scene, it was a chilly Sunday morning in Brighton, the seagulls were squawking…the waves were crashing underneath us and…uhm okaaayyyy…I don’t actually need an excuse for a good doughnut, did I say good…it was AMAZING!







Of course standing on Brighton Pier waiting for my doughnuts I would not have expected anything other that piping hot, fresh, golden brown and liberally coated in cinnamon sugar…what an incredible treat!

These photos took a lot of effort as there are probably about six seagulls above my head at the point waiting to dive straight down and swoop the doughnut right out of my hand…but it was Megan and Mom 4 vs Seagulls 0 haha.




Ater ducking and diving for about 10 minutes trying to take the ultimate “doughnut in Brighton” shot, I turned around to see the following sign…



Well it wouldn’t of been my choice to feed them if it was snapped out from under me…luckily for me…it wasn’t! I would go back just for the doughnuts!!!


Brighton Pier is definitely a highlight of mine, I seem to have a highlighted book after this trip…but it still continues with more Brighton stay tuned!

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