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Black Elephant Vintners was a concept developed by three good friends who shared many common interests. One of which was definitely wine. Not just any wine, unpretentious wine. Wine for real people. Together they have become the three musketeers in wine making and are at the forefront of wine making in various varieties. Experimenting and demystifying age old techniques is what makes these men power houses in this industry. If there are grapes there is potential to make wine.



After many years in the stock exchange market and sitting behind a desk, Kevin had the dream of moving his family down to Cape Town and celebrating a life not yet lived. Whilst on holiday with his family they fell in love with the picturesque Franschhoek landscape. Today he shares the farm with his family and wakes up to it being the hub of his dream epitomized.


Walking up the stairs you are immediately brought into the cellar. This is a great way for you to get an authentic experience and see the behind the scenes that is the import heart beat to any business.



Across from the wine making area and cellar is the B.E.V wine tasting room and shop. Filled with their merchandise and eclectic souvenirs, the tasting room is a bright room which gives off a positive energy.

Whats great about the tasting is that you have an opportunity to meet new people sitting across from you at a communal tasting table and share your story and love of wine. On this particular day I met an awesome couple who traveled down from America and were wine tasting through South Africa.

This is all part of the experience that the guys at B.E.V have created. Its authentic, unpretentious and real. All three attributes are met in their philosophy.

After an awesome introduction and tour, we sat down and continued the experience.





Wine Tastings are booked by appointment only, however it is definitely worth planning ahead for this. Each wine has an incredibly unique story and meaning, from the bottle  to the graphics used.

The Black Elephant Vintners Range:


Black Elephant Vintners Brut MCC 2015 – Fine Bubble and easy drinking, great with food pairing

Two Dogs, a Peacock and a Horse – Savignon Blanc

 Timothy White 2014 – This is a blend of Chenin 33% / Semillion 33% / Sauvignon 25% / Viognier 9% 

La Petite Vigne – Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2014

Nicolas Red 2014  – This is a blend of Syrah 64% / Mourvedre 14% / Carignan 14% / Petit Sirah 5% / Grenache 3% which lends itself to a Rhone Style Blend

Amistad Syrah 2013 – Excellent for drinking in any weather

Amistad Pinotage 2014 – Not a typically heavy over bearing Pinotage, loving flavours.

The Back Roads Grenache Noir 2014 – Very unique, and I loved it!

The Back Roads Petite Sirah 2014 – Definitely a great wine that stands tall and offers a well balanced palate



There are many different wine tasting experiences in the Cape Winelands, however the guys at Black Elephant Vintners have created a personalized small group experience that allows you to taste the wines, ask questions and get to know the stories behind each label. Each wine variety is bottled with a very personal story of why it is good enough to be part of the range. Following the unpretentious philosophy of wine for real people, you are seated in a relaxed homely environment as is you are the newest member of the B.E.V family.







There is a wine for everyone in the range. Not just because the wines are available in many varieties but because each of the wines in the range are of the highest quality. The experience definitely opened my eyes to the wine world. Sometimes the characteristics are there however the they have done something new and exciting to it. Look out for them as you are guaranteed to have tasted one of their labels at a wine show, sipped on their MCC at an event or seen it in the isles of your local wine shop. What ever the case I would definitely recommend a personalized wine tasting experience with the guys from B.E.V. Happy Drinking!

Tel: 021 876 2903 or visit


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