A fairview across Paarl

Fairview is located about 40 minutes out of Cape Town. Set between rolling hills and winelands as far as the eye can see, it is a location set up for greatness. With a variety of activities, tastings and meals to enjoy at Fairview this is definitely an estate I was excited to visit.

I must have picked the perfect weather, a warm Autumn day where the leaves were starting to change colour but everything seemed to make for the perfect shot. The entire estate seems to be picturesque; every corner seems to be set up as if a roaming lens would be unable to capture anything that wasn’t worth taking a photograph of.


Founded in 1693 this is a family estate that prides itself in the importance of family and the role the original members played in this famous estate. Fairview was one of the first farms to bring the concept of goat’s milk cheese to South Africa. On their travels abroad they quickly realized that this was a wonderful new and innovative market that South Africa had not tapped into. Introducing the goats…not that they need any introduction.

Once parked, you are immediately greeted with the Fairview icon in the flesh. Three Billy goats reside at the iconic tower. They grunt and mere as they welcome you to the estate. Do not be fooled by the three that stand tall at the entrance, there are nearly 1000 more female goats that are the proud producers of the award winning goats milk Fairview cheeses.

After what seemed like ages staring and being fascinated by the goats I made my way over to the tasting room.




Fairview prides itself on producing all of its cheese and wine labels and it strongly bringing that concept into their restaurant too. The cheese maker is a bright and innovative spirit that thrives in the world of experimenting with flavour combinations, tastes, rinds, aging ect. This is reflected on each shelf as the cheese shop grows and the fridges are stocked with a number of different types of cheese. The walls are also adorned with woven baskets that provide you with a country feeling of a shopping “cart” that allows you to drape it over your arm as your hands are free to pick up more cheeses and add it to the basket.

If you are new to the world of cheese or consider yourself a cheese fundi, there is a huge selection of accompaniments that you would be more than happy to add to your cheese platter. If it’s not made on the Fairview estate rest assured that it was made close by as they support local and believe it is of course better.

Enjoy a cheese tasting in the shop at a very affordable R20.00 pp and add a few more favourites to your already growing list of Fairview classics.



Naturally after a cheese tasting and you are feeling a little parched…why not make your way over to the main tasting room, or the tasting pods. Fairview is very well-known and much loved in the winelands area as the wines need no introduction.

I could not turn down an opportunity to be a part of the tradition, so here goes…



The tasting pods were a very innovative concept introduced in 2009. With hospitality being at the fore front of Fairview’s mission it is a no brainier that an environment that allows the wine expert to be in the center providing a warm and approachable atmosphere was very important.


I have experience many different wine tastings at many different hot spots in the winelands, so for me to say that this was one of the best complimenting wine and cheese tasting is saying a lot. The standard tasting is comprised of six of their labels and allows you to get a wonderfully rounded taste experience of the estate. Instead of me explaining each and every tasting note I have, as I took quite a few and will definitely be going back for a few more staples in my wine cabinet I will share my top tasting combinations with you.

Tasting Notes:


Fairview Feta paired with the Fairview Darling Sauvignon Blanc

Traditional Feta paired with the Fairview Paarl Chenin Blanc

Double Cream Camembert paired with the Fairview Piekentierskloof Grenache

Blue Tower with the Brandy Spirit Infused Dessert Wine


For a day out and a taste of Fairview, it is an affordable and worthwhile experience:


Beryl Back Tasting Room (Private Tasting room)

R80 per person – includes 8 wines, a selection of cheeses & olive oil

Standard Wine & Cheese Tasting

R40 per person – includes 6 wines & a selection of cheeses


If you are not residing or living in the area, Fairview is still making it possible for you to join in as they have recently launched their online store that and all our wines can be purchased online with free delivery anywhere in SA on 12 bottles or more. Visit it here: http://cellar.fairview.co.za/


And if you are still a little peckish or would like to experience some more homemade flavours, head over to the Goatshed Restaurant.



The Goatshed Restaurant at Fairview is a must visit after you have been taken through the many cheeses and wines that the estate has to offer, for a meal that is sure to satisfy anyone’s palate. The restaurant boasts warm wooden tones with some quirky pieces that add to the rustic eclectic feel of the establishment.



From traditional favourites to a few signature dishes I was spoilt for choice when deciding what to have for a light lunch. Their philosophy of homemade is better is a prominent reason as to why the food tastes and looks so good. The concept of eating freshly made breads daily, cheeses produced on the farm and each dish meticulously thought through means that Fairview is definitely a cut above the rest in showing us how we need to be thoughtful of where our food comes from.

After much deliberation, I choose the pickled and cured fish plate and it was a definite winner. The flavours of each component lent itself to a perfectly rounded meal. Sweetness is the freshly made breads, saltiness in the various cured components, pepperiness in the crust, brininess in the pickles…what can I say besides have you booked a seat yet? If you would like to experience the Goatshed you can email them directly at goatshed@fairview.co.za.


So whether your popping in for a cheese tasting, a wine tasting or of course combining the two…I would definitely recommend this gorgeous estate for a scenic drive out to what promises to be a fun day out. If you would like to have the Fairview experience at home visit the Cheese Club page and place your orders.

Please visit www.fairview.co.za for any enquiries and email me to tell me all about your experience

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