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Life with Me covers a range of lifestyle topics from the plate, glass and suitcase of Megan Daniels. Come along and Eat with me, Drink with me, Travel with me and Style with me.



About Megan Daniels

– Food Stylist, Recipe Developer, Photographer, Food and Wine Writer, Chef –

I was born and bred in Cape Town, where I spent my childhood dancing in Cape Town’s leading ballet company up until the age of 18. Having never really cooked but often watching my mother waltz around the kitchen on a Sunday morning as she prepared a leg of lamb as the centre piece of the Sunday Lunch table. Once we had recovered from our Sunday post lunch food comas, she would jump back into the kitchen while Nigella and the Greedy Italians blared on the T.V and create that weeks dinner menu. In my first year of University I had 23 subjects as a Hospitality Management student and to my horror culinary practical was one of them. I would have much preferred to study how to boil an egg than actually stand over a pot of boiling water but nevertheless there I was. I met my now boyfriend in our second year and quickly fell for his ability to turn even a rubber shoe into a gourmet meal. Inspired with a growing knowledge of food, I found myself in the world of Food Styling in 2014. In 2015 I ventured off on my own and soon had large freelance projects that I am lucky enough to still be working on today.

I started Eat With Me in 2016 as a platform to post daily recipes that I was whipping up in the kitchen for myself and my boyfriend and before long it turned into a wine reviewing, food product testing, traveling blog where I could write about everything I love. In September 2017, Life With Me launched and it better suits my love for all things fine food, delicious drink, exhilarating travel (both local and international) and a behind the scenes look at my professional career as a Food Stylist in South Africa working for the most incredible brands.

Prefers: Fresh mornings to late evenings, wintery days in Cape Town, black clothing, a classic wardrobe to trendy pieces, Saturdays best spent at farmers markets and touring wine farms, an at home pamper session, date nights with my other half, my Scottish terrier pup, fresh flowers to brighten my kitchen, many MANY candles, chunky necklaces, red lipstick, delicious food, styling and photographing over writing a recipe, MCC and Chardonnay, grey interior and cheese boards for dessert.

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